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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lazy picture week... but not a lazy week at all!

I love the mornings around here... this little lady gets here early before the other kiddos and we like to cuddle, read books or watch a show...  So excited my husband found my 'missing' camera lens...!
I've been a bit 'picture lazy' from not having my camera lens... iphones are a blessing but just don't give the same quality.

Has everyone been having a nice Holiday season?  I will have to post the classic "Christmas tree' pictures here soon...

In other news, I WON SOMETHING!

Never do so I'm ridiculously excited! is one of my favorite blogs of all time and Davi blessed me with a incredible gift! Check out the awesome rugs she just got too.

I had fun making this video of the kiddo's this last weekend, I think they did too!:::

All I want for Christmas is cupcakes from Carrie Willink on Vimeo.

I can't wait for J and I's "Random 12 days of Christmas".. We pick random Christmasy things to do and random days to do them... can't wait!
Hope you have a sparkling week!


  1. Such a cute video! Love the 1st closeup photo :)

  2. um i love those christmas lights. especially how they are hung.

  3. So cute :)


  4. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

    Congratulations on winning something...I feel like I never win anything!

  5. So darling! I love cuddling with babies in the morning! It's the BEST.