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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Austria... Can I keep you? Germany.. so cozy...

Austria stole our hearts without warning! 

Austria memory list:
*The first king of the Salzburg castle was a smarty pants... Amazing placement of the castle.
*Make sure your bike has more than 3 speeds when biking the Alps... My legs were a bit dizzy.
*Biking  through the Alps with your best friend may create a tear like effect in your eyes...
*Rubber ducks are not hard to find... There purpose was unknown to us so we made a purpose of our own by setting it free own Selzburgs river...
(notice the hislittlelady T^?)
(Mozart's Birthplace ^)
Although only a night in Germany, it was unforgettable...           Germany memory list:                   *Who would'a thought.. we love snow covered Alps too!            *Smoking is okay in restaurants. I had to take "smoke breaks" outside from time to time...
*Met the nicest girl in the world! Helped us with our train plans and even took us back to our b&b in her car.                                    *The smell of wood fires blowing through the hills... 
Previous adventures from this trip already posted:
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  1. I love your pictures so much. This last one is fantastic, such expression. What an incredible trip. Love it all,

    Shauna xo

  2. I adore Austria and it is such an undervisited country...So glad you are there to check it out!

  3. I studied in Vienna for two months over a summer during college and LOVED IT. We took a day trip to Salzburg and I fell in love!

  4. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! I'd love to go to Austria, I've heard such wonderful things about it. So glad to have found your blog, it's lovely!

  5. Ooooh these pictures are so dreamy! These adventures you have experienced are just SO amazing! I'm in love!

  6. oh my goodness these pictures are so beautiful! i've never had the desire to go to germany until recently... travel blogs are quickly changing my plans!!

  7. I love Germany! I wanted to go to Austria while we were there.... but no time. hehe! Thanks for sharing! so fun!

  8. i loved loved loved austria. i studied abroad there for one semester in vienna and did a bunch of traveling, i mean how could i not. salzburg was really neat but super cold the day i went there! this post is totally taking me back!!

    1. Aw wow! What a wonderful place to study! Those are memories we all will never forget1

  9. I feel like a broken record but HELLO! What AMAZING photos! 16 going on 17???!!! The BEST. I can't pick a favorite they were all so cool!

    and thanks for the tee! wahoo!

  10. so beautiful! & breath taking! i LOVE the sound of music reenactment!!

  11. So awesome! I am planning a trip to Austria next year and I am lovin' the inspiration. How long was this trip of yours!?