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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Netherlands the Willlink way...

The Netherlands is the most beautiful scavenger hunt ever!
Netherlands memory list:

*Meeting our cruise ship friends!(overnight cruise ship)
*Josh not realizing we were on the cruise ship... had to be there.
*Realizing the cost to use the restroom goes out the window when you have to go bad enough... "here, take my euro!"
*This peacemaking Swiss girl almost took down a Dutch girl... hitting on my man is not okay... back off my Dutch boy!
*Anne Frank's house (where her diary was written) was a surreal, eye opening experience...
*Biking to Willinkstraat.
*Eating Tapas at Grandcafe Willink!
*Doors are way too hard to open...
*Finding the little corner of the earth where our ancestors lived... The Willink farm..
Previous adventures from this trip already posted:
And more to come... Have a blessed week!


  1. Love the pics! What a fantastic trip!!!

  2. I'm in looooooooove. GORGEOUS pictures! Take me with next time ;) ha ha!

  3. Gah I'm so jealous of this trip of yours! What a gorgeous place to visit, these photos are breathtaking!

  4. I love your pictures so much. You have done such a great job documenting this trip. The Netherlands was such a wonderful place to visit. Amsterdam is like nothing I've ever experienced. It's wild there. Amazing. And of course the amount of bikes is insane. Really cool place. So your good looking husband was getting the looks!!! He is cute as are you. I"m so glad you were able to make this trip what a wonderful time to be able to draw memories from. I cannot wait to see what is next!!!! All my love,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  5. love your pic <3

  6. Gorgeous pics, and what a treat to glimpse your travels as the most traveling I've done lately is of the camping variety, not my favorite, but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

  7. love your photos!! i've never been to the netherlands. and way to take down the girl hitting on your bf, that is funny :)

  8. fun pictures! i actually laughed about the dutch girl hitting on your man lol

  9. That field is so beautiful. I love all the different colors. And I love what you said about having to use the restroom, sooo true! LOL

  10. How special that you got to find where your ancestors are from! Everything is so beautiful! :-)

  11. Wow, this is a lovely post!! Not only you displayed it well but made me want to go to Europe!! I too lol about your man getting hit on!! Hey, its a compliment, right!?

  12. The Netherlands look so dreamy, especially in spring! I've got some serious urges to travel after reading this post!

  13. omg amsterdam is my dream vacation. lucky you!

  14. You crack me up- thug! Haha
    We took a month trip through Europe and I was just to busy to blog while I was there so slowly catching up:) it was the best thing ever! Keep being wonderful!

  15. be still my heart! love these pictures!