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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

canyon lake...

AZ (so far) memory list:
*Beautiful mountains surrounding me at all times...
 *"the hub"... they have a ice cream chef... too cool.
*Jumping off a rattle snake rock! (o.k. maybe not... but in my mind every bush has a rattle snake in it.)
*experiencing"quelf" (the game) for the first time... 
*starting my new starbucks job... keeping me busy but I love it!
*found a few of my favorite clothes stores only 5 minutes from work... be scared my dutch boy... be scared.
*pickle pear cacti ice scream... its a real thing people!
ps. the darling Elizabeth over at Until Only Love Remains wins the treat...!
email me with your addy lady cakes...


  1. I love it all!! I love your blog! I'm always so happy when I get to see whay you are up to. Glad things are happy and well. Take care,

    Shauna xo

  2. so many fabulous and beautiful pictures. Obsessed with the top one. Beyond breathtaking. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo

  3. oh, those pictures are beautiful! i would love to visit arizona at some point in my life..

  4. How beautiful are these photos?! I'm in awe. Need to get to Arizona! Also-- pickle pear ice cream? Why do I have a feeling this was amazing? :)

  5. everything looks so lovely. i have a blanket similar to that one. but yours is cuter.

    all your pictures make me swoon!

  6. I guess now you know how you'll be spending your lunch breaks when not eating delicious pickle pear cacti ice cream... shopping! :)

    1. you know it lady! :) that is once I get my first pay check.. hah

  7. wow, what a beautiful place and views!!! Those photographs are adorable!
    Have a fabulous time!


  8. Seems like a great chillout place to be at. :))

  9. oh! I won :)

    also. I LOVE that bike hat!!

  10. It looks absolutely gorgeous there. The first photo of the kayak is so great.

  11. That picnic looks like perfection! :)

  12. oh what goooorgeous scenery!!

  13. Adorable photos! An ice cream chef sounds amazing.

  14. great photos! looks lovely and peaceful!