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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

pikes peak

J let me know a few months ago that he booked me a ticket to Colorado with him!  
After a few days of work for him.. we were off for adventures.
We packed in as much as we could and soaked in every bit of the beauty that surrounded us.
First day we checked out the "Pikes Peak"...

hi there buddy the bear! my names Remy...
Remy said she saw big foot... I believe you honey, even if no one else ever will.
so sometimes husbands know best.. and mine knew we had a lot to see in one day 
so we rushed through the Garden of the Gods.  ManOman was it fantastically beautiful!!!
all in one day.. oh how I love my adventure buddies!
Would love to find you on Insta here! 
Stay Blessed!


  1. Gosh I would love to go to Colorado! The pictures are breathtaking!

  2. You beautiful mama!!! These pictures are stunning!!

  3. You beautiful mama!!! These pictures are stunning!!

  4. Oh my goodness these pictures are beautiful!! I love your family picture by the sign. We went to Pikes Peak last summer and LOVED it so much. Those donuts. YUM!

    1. You sweet thang! for real the donuts are amazing *high five*

  5. amazing.. we need to get ourselves out to Colorado soon.. it us stunning.
    and Remy is so cute..

    1. It really is! I wish we had more time there- thanks so much!