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Friday, June 28, 2013

Switzerland Wins...!

My amazing man put this together, check it out!

Paragliding from Expression Studios on Vimeo.
So it may be because my ancestors are from Switzerland, but this place felt like an epic home away from home!
Switzerland's memory list:

*I wanted to hug an alp... I couldn't.
*I wasn't scared of the mega slide... I should have been.
*I wanted to be lil' miss Swiss... --->
*I wanted to drink lots of tea... --->
*I wanted to walk under a waterfall...   we got wet.
*I wanted to take an alp home... 
  once again, I couldn't.
*I wanted to be high... 
  9,744` elevation did the trick.
*I wanted to hike... we did.
*I wanted to fly... we came close.
*I wanted J to love it too... he did.
*I want to return someday... we will.
We were blessedly surprised to find out our b&b was ON an alp...
Switzerland just plain wins.
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  1. omg this looks so amazing, watched the whole video! It looks so fun!!
    I went to switzerland once, we stayed in a cottage looking inn and it looked similar to that village your at. But we didn't see much other than the city..

  2. this is AMAZING! i adore switzerland and agree with all you said! love the video, the write up you did, and the darling pictures. you two are so cute! XOXO
    the well-traveled wife

  3. How fabulous are your pics? Love that daisy one - the views there are just crazy. I love that you ventured out from the usual prescriptive itineraries!

  4. Care, that is so incredibly cool! I am a little jealous. That looks so fun.. and cold! I love all your pictures. You did such a great job documenting your trip.

  5. Great photos, I've always wanted to visit Switzerland. It looks so peaceful. I love those cows just roaming the streets haha no respect!

  6. i want to go to switzerland, eat swiss chocolate, gorge myself on fondue and check out the beautiful swiss alps! love this re-cap what a wonderful trip you two had

  7. Ahhh! Well NOW I can't wait to go to Switzerland! This looks insanely fun...

  8. Switzerland looks amazing! Especially from the air, you little daredevil you. Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  9. HOW INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!! loveee all these photos of the gorgeous switzerland. especially the slide - jeepers!

  10. WOW! What a beautiful country!! You look like you had so much fun!! I especially love the cows in the road. They definitely don't do that here in America do they haha.

  11. goodness girl! you are living the dream :) so beautiful! hold these days and those memories dear to your heart!

  12. Seriously? Switzerland looks incredible...and you look so cute in it. :) Your B&B looks ideal!!

  13. i am so glad you found me. your pictures are beautiful!!

  14. how rude are those cows?? walking in front of those cars like they own the place haha
    you two are so adventurous!! looks so awesome :)

    The DayLee Journal


    Goodness, these photos are stunning. So glad you found me, can't wait to read more about your adventurous life!

  16. such beautiful sights. i wish i can have the chance to visit one day!

  17. Yay- gorgeous photography. My husband is Swiss and I can't wait to get our butts over there!!!